Liberdade expressão Espírito Santo

Liberdade expressão Espírito Santo

Why a documentary on the city of Rio de Janeiro and more specifically the Favelas?

I have already done a first documentary about the township of Houtbay in Cape Town and I wanted to continue to work around this theme but this time in South America. The myth around the favelas of Rio has always interested me.

Did you have any trouble filming the favela?

Not at all. It’s just a matter of being patient and having the right connections.

So, what is your conclusion?

We filmed in the favela da Maré of Rio de Janeiro and we noticed several things.

There are big problems of sanitation and wastewater. Many people also told us about the militias who control the favelas.

The method of the militia is to use the drug traffickers of in the favelas in order to take the economic control (shops, schools, political vote etc.) and security (genocide on the black population – political assassination – homophobia) as well as the traffic of contraband and embezzlement of public funds.

The militias are a political arm (of the hard right) of the government and Brazilian justice in general.

The religious (Evangelicals and Pentecostals) are also trying to divide the people and recover the misery of the favelas (evangelists and Pentecostals).But we also see a great solidarity between the inhabitants of these neighborhoods who suffer daily violence of the gangs.

Liberdade expressão Espírito Santo
Liberdade expressão Espírito Santo

Is the right to property in favelas real?

Very big paradox, once again. The favelas are illegal but you can become the owner of a house. So you own an apartment without any written legal act. And since some favelas have a good geographic situation, the day real estate developers will arrive, you won’t be able to defend yourself.

What is the quality label: ‘favelas made in Rio’?

In order to fight against corruption and militias, the favelas of Rio wish to have an international legal tool to defend their right to property the day these promoters will come to take everything.

In South Africa, several trials have been held on expropriations that were made during Apartheid.

Can you explain the graphic frame you used for your documentary?

I used a green frame for the picture to give a seventies aspect as if you were watching the movie with green-bottle sunglasses. I have always been nostalgic for this hot light summers end 70, I was 6 years old.

And I found again this childhood feeling in this favela. It was very hot and humid and we had to film under hot roofs.

Music is very important in this documentary as well as aerial photography (database).

And of course the director-journalist who gives her point of view on the situation of favelas in Brazil.

We also gave several nods paying tribute to the human rights activist “Marielle Franco” murdered by the militia (supported by the right and the Brazilian far-right).We even realized that it is Marielle Franco who, little by little, takes control of this document and settles by its softness and its authenticity in the heart of the inhabitants of the favelas.

Liberdade expressão Espírito Santo
Liberdade expressão Espírito Santo

What do you think about this assassination (Marielle Franco)?

Obviously, it was the Bolsonaro family who ordered this execution. They have very strong links with the militia. Let’s hope that Brazilian independent justice will finally do its job. There should be an impeachment of the Brazilian president for murder.

Is post-bolsonaro coming soon?

This government is a nightmare for the Brazilians with its repressive laws and its ideology based on racism and murder. The Brazilian left is not left out either with this decade of corruption and patronage. Brazilians will go through this nebulous political course and reinvent new ways of building their country for future generations. I’m not sure at all that Bolsonaro will finish his term.

What’s next?

An exhibition on freedom of expression and creation is being set up in Rio de Janeiro in 2019. It will be incorporated in the 11th ZIND-KALA-WASTE (cultural event highlighting the freedom of expression in all its forms).This event will include an exhibition on lenticular created by a French artist, the diffusion of the documentary on the Favela de Mare and the presentation of a low-cost machine to promote ecology in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

And, of course, we will give the prize of freedom to our director-journalist in Rio de Janeiro.

We also want to set up this exhibition (Zind-Kala-Wasté) in other countries of South America. The teams are ready, the media too.

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