Europe will implode Bolsonaro

Europe will implode Bolsonaro

Murder of Marielle Franco

Everyone in Brazil knows that the links between Marielle Franco’s killers and the Bolsonaro clan were very strong. The killers lived within 500 meters of this mafia family (Bolsonaro), they were real friends (there was even love in this clan between the killers and the Bolsonaro clan).

Europe will implode Bolsonaro
Europe will implode Bolsonaro.

Hard to believe with such common points (place of residence, friendships, hatred of blacks, homophobia and love affairs) that the assassination of Marielle Franco was not sponsored by the president himself and his son.

For many Brazilians, the order to execute Marielle Franco came from this mafia clan (Bolsonaro) and therefore criminal.
What other facts bother us?

How is it that a country like Brazil has been awarded two major events (World Cup football and Olympics) with such a mafia system set up by the Brazilian militia?

The militia manages and executes:SchoolsTrade protection (so-called)

Murderes (Crime Bureaus)

Crime Company Bolsonaro (CCB)

Waste / Sanitation

Establishment of a genocide against the black population

Polling stations


Corruption with the judges of Brazil

Corruption with the army

Corruption in hospitals

Execution of persons

Blackmail on the destitute


Assassination of children

Corruption with politicians

Corruption among journalists

Corruption with the media

Europe will implode Bolsonaro
Europe will implode Bolsonaro

How the Olympic Committee and FIFA, managing such worldwide events, could have been unaware of this mafia state, which absolutely does not respect the conditions of a democratic criteria.

Investigations should be reopened on the attribution of these events because the militia has existed for decades in Brazil.

Obviously, some undemocratic countries will use these arguments to charm FIFA and the Olympic Committee.

Another remark: an arrest of the killers of Marielle Franco the day before the commemoration (1 year) of this execution makes us irremediably think of a manipulation of the mafia clan Bolsonaro to calm the Brazilians.

Europe will implode Bolsonaro
Europe will implode Bolsonaro

Brazil is no longer a democratic country because the militia took the power of the 8th world power well before the Bolsonaro.

Crime Company Bolsonaro (CCB)

The behavior of foreign multinationals facing this Brazilian political and criminal crisis will be devastating. Some multinationals want to establish themselves much more in Brazil but cannot associate their image (marketing) with such an action in any case not in a more open way.

These tensions in the Brazilian economy will accelerate the catastrophic departure of Bolsonaro inevitably.

The left is definitely dead in Brazil and discredited.

The left did nothing against this mafia (Brazilian militia). Again investigations should be reopened by independent Brazilian judges.

Does it still exist in this non-democratic country?

Europe will implode Bolsonaro
Europe will implode Bolsonaro

Should President Bolsonaro join Lula in prison?

Yes, and it would be unique in political history to have two politicians (former Presidents) in the same cell.

This is the only humorous note of a beautiful country that preferred to go to the beach and get a tan, rather than face the rise of a mafia criminal gang homophobic and racist take control of millions of lives Brazilian for decades.

Crime Company Bolsonaro (CCB)

It is often said that the beach makes it superficial, we have the perfect example in Brazil. And if one exchanged the cult of the body for the cult of the spirit?

Finally, the international pressure is starting to react (industrial + media) as well as the Brazilian diaspora by many calls to boycotts of Brazilian products to bring down the Bolsonaro.

Brazilians are even advised to place their money in Internet bank accounts for the sake of protection and, above all, protest against this criminal state.

Many experts or inhabitants of Brazil think that the departure of the Bolsonaro is a necessity for the appeasement of Brazil and that the repercussions of the murder of Marielle Franco have now become uncontrollable for these mafia people (Bolsonaro) because the international media and the economy have their eyes on them to sniff out the good economic moves or to bring out the horrors and truths of a country that has become undemocratic.

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